The internet is threatening AP Dhillon because of his tricolour shoes.


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AP Dhillon, the Punjabi-Canadian singer, faced criticism when he posted pictures promoting his new song ‘With You’, which features his girlfriend Banita Sandhu. The images quickly spread online as people noticed that the multicoloured shoes he was wearing appeared to resemble the colours of the Indian flag. Many internet users shared their opinions, critiquing Dhillon’s fashion choice and accusing him of disrespecting the national flag due to the perceived similarities.

Dhillon shared the pictures on Instagram. After the photo was posted, users began commenting about disrespecting the national flag and even threatened him. Check out the photo:

Punjabi-Canadian singer AP Dhillon faced criticism when he shared photos promoting his new song ‘With You’, which featured his girlfriend Banita Sandhu. The images went viral because Dhillon was wearing multicoloured shoes that some people thought resembled the colours of the Indian flag. Some users criticized his fashion choice and accused him of disrespecting the national flag.

The pictures caused a divide among his fans and social media users, generating mixed reactions just before Independence Day.

After Dhillon shared the video on Instagram to promote his new song, the focus shifted to his shoes due to the severe backlash. In response, Dhillon deleted the post.

Some users questioned whether Dhillon intentionally insulted the flag by showcasing his shoes just before Independence Day, while others expressed their disapproval of his behaviour.

One user commented, “He is a popular Punjabi singer AP Dhillon. Just before 15 August, he is flaunting his shoes on Instagram. Check the colour of his shoes. Is he deliberately insulting our tricolour? I am not sure but I find this behavior disgusting!”

“Disrespectful act. Shame on him,” another user wrote. Someone else expressed, “Tiranga pairo me, such a shame.”

Below are few snapshots of the comments from that post, and now the post deleted.