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Sahiba Bali is an actress, known for Bard of Blood (2019), Laila Majnu (2018) and Dear Maya (2017). Currently, she is the Brand Manager of Zomato. On Zomato’s Youtube short, Sahiba Bali played the song “Kacha Badaam” by Bhuban Badyakar in front of Alan Walker.

If you closely look at the video you can see Alan Walker also liked the rhythm of the song when Sahiba played the song. She said that she didn’t know the song’s meaning, then she said, “there is an uncle who is trying to sell almonds, and he is saying ‘why don’t you buy my raw almonds? Wait what’”. In reality, Bhuban Badyakar was trying to sell peanuts while singing the song “Kacha Badaam”.

In reply, DJ Alan Walker said, “the lyrics are super random”. How did Alan Walker know that lyrics are super random? He didn’t understand the lyrics, and even the Zomato Brand Manager also don’t know the meaning of the lyrics. How come they came to a conclusion that the lyrics are super random. In response, Sahiba Bali said, “very random, right?” After that, Alan Walker said, “Why so many of them about uncle”. Without understanding the lyrics, Sahiba Bali responded, “that’s a legit question, why so many bollywood songs about uncles”.

Then she came to a conclusion and said, “okay, this was also a danger. Thanks, Alan, that was a really fun game to play with you, but I can tell you all your songs are bangers”. Here Sahiba Bali praised Alan Walker to impress him.

Now, let’s see when audience are saying:

Sunit Bhattacharya commented:

“A. This is not a “Bollywood song”. This was something that an uncle in Birbhum had been using for sometime for his trade which was later reused by folks without providing the required context.

B. The uncle was not trying to sell almonds. He was selling peanuts by weight, in exchange for bangles, trinkets and other valuables.

C. Anyone who doesn’t speak a particular language claiming that words of a language that don’t make sense to them are random is a weird thing indeed. That is why context is necessary.

D. It is not a Bollywood song! Get your facts right before throwing content on the internet folks!”

In response, Aum commented: “DJ Alan Walker: 💩 I have to tolerate for money 😅”