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Famous actress Mallika Sherawat in a recent interview with Hindustan Times, she spoke about the Hindi movie industry, Bollywood’s casting couch impacted her career and she made some shocking incidents. She said that female actors are expected by producers to be at the male actor’s beck.

Mallika Sherawat always has a no-holds-barred approach to answering questions. And that’s why the actor doesn’t hesitate to admit that the existence of the casting couch did impact her career in the Indian film industry. “All the A-lister heroes refused to work with me because I wouldn’t compromise,” she reveals. Further, she informed, “It’s very simple — they like actresses who they can control and who will compromise with them. I am not that, my personality isn’t that. I didn’t want to subject myself to someone’s whims and fancies,” says the 45-year-old, most recently seen in the film RK/RKay.” After that, she also said, “Sit, stand, anything. If the hero calls you at 3 am and says, ‘Come to my house’, you have to go if you’re in that circle and if you’re doing that film. If you don’t go, then you’re out of the film.”

All the audience always remembers her for her breakthrough performance in Murder (2004), but she has slashed down on the piece of Hindi flicks over the years. She added the reason as well, “I tried to do my best. I tried to find good roles. I made some mistakes, like all of us do. Some roles were good, some not so good. It’s part of an actor’s journey, but overall, it’s been fantastic.” During her pick time in Bollywood, she became a sex symbol in Bollywood movies which no one was able to touch that high after her.

Mallika talks about her international projects, such as The Myth (2005), Hisss (2010), Politics of Love (2011) and Time Raiders (2016). Later, she said, “I’m from Haryana.. I got to do Murder, which was so popular that Jackie Chan (actor-filmmaker) cast me in his film! I met the then US President Barack Obama twice,” which is a remarkable journey for her about two decades in movies, and she is feeling lucky and happy to get the opportunities which crossed her path.