Dan Bilzerian finally did it, but No One believe him that he got married


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Poker player Dan Bilzerian announced, “I finally did it” on social media. Now, the question is, what he has done? It seems, the famous playboy poker player Dan Bilzerian got married to the special one, which shocked people. This news set the internet on fire.

No one knows whether this is just a prank or not, or Dan just spread a piece of fake news. In the picture, Hailey Grice is observed beside Dan Bilzerian. Hailey Grice is a fashion model from America. She is also very famous on OnlyFans where she posts exclusive content for her paid subscribers. She has over 100k Twitter and 160k TikTok followers. On her Twitter handle, Hailey Grice has mentioned that she is a fashion model, and is from Los Angeles.

On July 25, 2022, 11:25 AM IST, the famous playboy celebrity poker player Dan Bilzerian, who is well known for his luxurious lifestyle, was running on the headlines for his latest post with a woman. Dan Bilzerian in his latest post was walking down a wedding aisle with a woman in a bridal dress. After his post go viral, people around the globe started searching for the woman who possibly tied the knot with Dan Bilzerian. Some media outlets stated that the lady whom Dan Bilzerian marry might be Hailey Grice, a famous model who is from Los Angeles. Hailey didn’t share any news about the marriage with Dan Bilzerian and neither Dan Bilzerian mention anything about Hailey Grice nor about his marriage.

Dan Bilzerian got married

Check out Dan Bilzerian’s Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/DanBilzerian

Check out Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/danbilzerian/

Check out Dan Bilzerian’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/danbilzerianofficial

If anyone follows Dan Bilzerian’s life on social media, he/she’ll find how glamorous life Dan Bilzerian live. In his post, you might have observed that he is posing with new ladies every day, and most of those ladies are either in a bikini or half naked or naked. Dan Bilzerian also likes to show his guns on social media.

People are now believing his marriage and trolling him in his post:

Dan Fleyshman commented: “FAKE NEWS!!!”

joeyswoll commented: “You finally wore pants?”

bradleymartyn commented: “I’m not sure how to take this”

Gautam Kumawat commented: “Dan with my Ex”

Samir Mir Shaikh commented: “The world is about to come to an end”

Joshua Knapczyk commented: “Did what, skipped leg day again? We know bro. We know.”

Jack Lombo commented: “Love to know the terms and conditions”