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Bill Gates, who helped start Microsoft and is known for his charity work, is visiting India. His activities during the visit are getting a lot of attention online.

Recently, a video was shared on social media showing Bill Gates drinking chai at a famous tea stall in India. In the video, Mr. Gates is seen chatting with Dolly Chaiwalla, a well-known tea seller who is popular on social media. He is shown enjoying a cup of chai made by Dolly.
The video starts with Mr. Gates ordering “one chai” from Chaiwalla. Then, Chaiwalla prepares the tea in his unique way using a special cart. Finally, Mr. Gates is seen drinking the hot tea from a glass.
At the end of the video, Mr. Gates takes a sip of the tea and poses for a photo with Dolly Chaiwalla. The text “Looking forward to many chai pe charcha” is shown, which means “looking forward to many conversations over chai.” This suggests that Mr. Gates is excited about having more discussions during his visit to India.
The video has become very popular online, with many people happy to see Mr. Gates enjoying chai from a local vendor and embracing Indian culture. It has received around 4 million views on social media platforms and nearly 300,000 likes on Instagram.