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A young woman recently attracted a lot of attention on the internet after photos and videos of her travelling in the Delhi Metro wearing just a bra and miniskirt went viral. The incident caused the woman, identified as Rhythm Chanana, to face a lot of criticism and public scrutiny for her outfit choice. The footage was initially shared on Twitter by an account called NCMIndia Council For Men Affairs, and showed Chanana sitting next to other female passengers inside a coach in Delhi Metro, carrying a backpack on her lap.

As she gets up to leave, Chanana reveals her unconventional attire, captured in a nine-second-long video reportedly taken by a fellow passenger. While many criticized Chanana’s fashion sense, others came to her defense, stating that she has the right to dress however she pleases and that nobody can judge her for it. Several Twitter users also criticized the person who took the video for violating Chanana’s privacy.

The incident has sparked a wider conversation on social media about the policing of women’s bodies and the societal pressure on women to conform to conservative norms. It also highlights the double standards that women face when it comes to clothing choices.

Ultimately, Chanana’s case is a reminder that everyone has the right to express themselves in their own way, and society should celebrate individuality instead of criticizing it. The incident also reinforces the importance of respecting others’ privacy and not violating it for personal gain. The incident also showed us that we should follow proper etiquette while in public.

Over the past several days, a young woman’s fashion choice on the Delhi Metro has sparked a lively discussion on social media. The woman, referred to as “Delhi Metro Girl,” has garnered widespread attention, with photos of her in a short dress going viral.

As the debate surrounding “Delhi Metro Girl” intensified, the woman’s true identity and Instagram account, ‘@prettypastry11112222,’ were uncovered on Twitter. Her name is Rhythm Chanana, and she hails from Fatehgarh Sahib, a city in Punjab. In an interview with Aaj Tak, Chanana revealed that although she comes from a traditional family, her progressive views have led to disagreements with her family.

“Delhi Metro Girl” Instagram id ‘@prettypastry11112222’, posted, ‘Your body is your RIGHT. Showing skin is not being bold, it is a “CHOICE”.’

Following her unexpected fame on social media, Rhythm Chanana expressed that she isn’t concerned about the negative comments or people staring at her body. In an interview with a news channel, Chanana stated that she has the right to decide what she wears and that her outfit choice was solely her decision. Additionally, she clarified that she did not dress in this manner to gain instant fame or publicity. “I’m not bothered by what people have to say,” Chanana affirmed.

On Monday, the Delhi Metro issued a statement emphasizing the importance of social etiquette and protocols that are acceptable in society. The DMRC stated that commuters should refrain from engaging in activities or wearing attire that could offend other passengers’ sensibilities. Additionally, the DMRC’s Operations and Maintenance Act recognizes indecency as a punishable offence under section 59.

The DMRC appealed to all passengers to maintain decorum while travelling on the Metro, which is a public transport system. However, the issue of clothing choices while travelling is a personal matter, and passengers are expected to regulate their conduct responsibly.