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Sritama Bhattacharjee(শ্রীতমা ভট্টাচার্য) is a Bengali television actress from Kolkata, India who became famous for her debut serial ‘Maa’ as ‘Jhilik’. Sritama Bhattacharjee was born on 11th may at Kolkata in India. She also brought up at Kolkata itself. Sritama Bhattacharjee also has a brother, his name is Smarat. Sritama Bhattacharjee studied at Rabindra Bharati University. Sritama Bhattacharjee completed her studies at Deshapriya Vidyaniketan Belgharia Kolkata. Sritama Bhattacharjee currently resides at Kolkata. She is very active on Instagram and as well as on Facebook.

Sritama Bhattacharjee also played numerous characters like Adrija in ‘Ichche Nodee’ which is a Solanki Roy and Vikram Chatterjee starter daily series. Sritama Bhattacharjee also appears on ‘Radhuni’ from 2022,which daily aired on ‘Aakash Aath’ where different people come and showcase their cookery skills. Many people talk about her relationship, Sritama bhattacharjee hasn’t disclosed much about his love relationship in public. Sritama Bhattacharjee loves and enjoy cooking. Sritama Bhattacharjee loves to eat ‘Prawn’. but can’t eat frequently as she has some degree of allergy issue. Phuchka, Panipuri, Gupchup, Golgappa or Pani Ke Patashe all are same, and she loves eating Phuchka thrice in a week. Her favorite sweet is firstly ‘Misti Doi’ and secondly ‘Chocolate’.

Sritama Bhattacharya joined hands with TMC during the assembly polls. This is, for the first time, she contested the election. She is one of such candidates who won the game in the first attempt. She became the TMC candidate for ward 28 of Kamarhati municipality of North 24 Parganas. Furthermore, she defeated her opponents and won by a margin of 952 votes in Ward No. 28 of Kamarhati.

In July, 2022 a scandel news of Partha & Arpita folded in the news and after that incident, people observed Sritama Bhattacharjee hugged Madan Mitra in her show and due to that media houses made news that there might be a relation between these two.

In an interview with AnandaBazar, she spoke about that, here you can read out the complete conversation:

Question: After Partha Chatterjee-Arpita Mukherjee or Madan Mitra-Sreetama Bhattacharya?

Shritama: Is that so? Who says all this? But no one is saying anything to me. No one is making any pressure about this.

Question: No one may be saying it, but the news industry is practicing…

Shritama: Talking about politics with me or any star is pointless. Even before entering politics, actress Sritama got the blessings of the Chief Minister. Mamata Banerjee knows how to appreciate genius. Loves artists. In that formula we have mutual exchange. And after winning the election and becoming mayor, my relationship with politicians is completely professional. They are some of my ministers, MLAs or MPs. I am Puramata. For example, I am Purmata in the area of ​​Madan Mitra.

Question: There is nothing else with Madan Mitra besides this?

Sritama: Yes, there is. I know him as my father’s friend since many years. Our family relationship with Madan Mitra. Madanda and his entire family were by our side during Dad’s open heart surgery. From surgery to medicine – the Kamarhati MLA took all the responsibility of father’s treatment into his own hands. He took my father’s place after my father left. Madan Mitra is Sritama Bhattacharya’s guardian. And rumors about me is not new!
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Question: Like?

Shritama: A few months ago there was a stir in Telepara about my marriage. I am married. Who did? I don’t know. Critics do not know! On the other hand, today with so and so, the next day with someone else, I was put together at will. But could not name the correct one. After a while that debate stopped. In that way now the practice has started with Madan Mitra.

Question: Hearing all this must feel bad?

Sritama: Of course. What is the relationship between me and my mother? Hearing this question hurts me even if I spread any word about Madan Mitra, I feel very bad. Everyone thinks we live in a colorful world. So in reality very colorful!

Question: Some of your ‘intimate pictures’ are also viral on the internet…

Shritama: Do I even have a very ‘intimate picture’ with Madan Mitra? Those who say all this, who knows what picture they are saying! Are you and I very close when I hug you and take a picture? What exactly is the criterion of closeness to the rest? i don’t know Even after that, I will say that the pictures with Madan Mitra that are being discussed so much, were taken by a girl hugging her father. So I have no discomfort. Our relationship is very healthy.

Question: Is the exchange of politicians with stars only professional? Or the greed for money and power?

Shritama: I say my side? Apart from the actress, everyone knows and loves me as a politician. I didn’t want anything beyond that. Nobody gave me anything either. I don’t care to say anything about the rest.

Question: That is, you are in politics only to ‘work for people’?

Sritama: I love politics. So I am on the political stage. But I have been working for people since long before joining politics. Residents of my area know this. If I wanted, I could have been elected to a bigger post. didn’t happen Because I know my power. Apart from that, I wanted to improve my area. I want to be with the people there. The Chief Minister has also helped a lot in this regard. In fact, everything has a negative publicity. And the press is always looking for juicy logistics. That’s why there are so many rumors. If you look at it from a positive point of view, nothing may seem unseemly.

Question: Mamata Banerjee says Partha-Arpita case is conspiracy of opposition. what are you saying?

Shritama: I am ankora in politics. Direct politics is only three months old. So I will not say anything about this.

Question: Stars used to do politics before, so there was not so much fuss about it…

Shritama: Of course stars used to do politics before. still do But in the past there was no internet media. As a result, no one could know what they were doing or not doing. Now it is possible thanks to science. As a result, the so-called ‘intimate photos’ of me and Madan Mitra are also going viral!