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Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has put money into Bold Care, a startup about sexual health and wellness, to be a part-owner, the company said on December 1. They didn’t say how much money he invested or how much of the company he owns.

The company is in Bengaluru and they said it was nice to get attention from a big star like Ranveer Singh. “I’m happy to be a part of Bold Care. We want to make talking about sexual health and wellness normal. In India, people, especially men, don’t know much about it and don’t like to ask for help,” Singh said.

This is not Singh’s first time investing in a startup. He’s also put money in SUGAR Cosmetics, a brand that sells directly to customers. His wife, Deepika Padukone, has invested in a few startups too. Singh thinks it’s important to talk openly about sexual health in India. “I’ve endorsed a condom brand before, early in my career. But this time, it’s a bigger deal. India is one of the most sexually active countries in the world. We need to talk about it,” Singh said.

Bold Care started in 2021. They make about Rs 40 crore every year and have sold over 3 lakh condoms in just 10 months. They’ve got over 15 lakh orders. “We’re happy to have Ranveer Singh join us as part-owner at Bold Care. He’s been really involved in our business for the past year. This is going to be a great partnership,” said Rajat Jadhav, CEO of Bold Care. Bold Care’s goal is to make talking about men’s health, especially sexual health, normal. Singh was really interested in this idea right from the beginning, Jadhav said.