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Hrithik Roshan, often called the “Greek God,” was born on January 10, 1974, in Bombay, Maharashtra. According to the UK-based Eastern Eye journal, Hrithik was named the hottest Asian man in the world for 2019 and the last decade.

This star of Indian cinema has an incredibly fit body that requires hours of training and a strict diet. His fitness routine involves cardio and weightlifting. He amazed the world when he lost 10.5 kilograms and three inches from his waist in ten weeks for his movie Krrish 3. His fans across nations follow his activities and take a keen interest in his daily life.

Hrithik was born with 11 fingers, including two thumbs on his right hand. He considers his extra thumb lucky, although it’s not frequently seen in his movies. Hrithik Roshan made his big on-screen debut in the year 2000 with the movie ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai,’ winning his first Filmfare Award for both Best Actor and Best Male Debut.

On 15th Sepetmber, 2021 Hrithik Roshan’s Posted on Twitter:

Even famous people like Hrithik Roshan aren’t spared from online comments, and recently, he had to tackle some teasing from his fans. The Bollywood star found himself in the middle of some light trolling due to what seemed like dampness on a wall in his house.

It all began when Hrithik shared a photo on his Twitter account, enjoying a relaxed breakfast with his mom. He captioned the picture, saying, “On a lazy breakfast date with my mum. It’s a good morning. Sunday feels on Wednesday are best. Now go give your mom a hug.”

His tweet quickly gained attention and went viral on Twitter. However, many of his followers, both on Instagram and Twitter, focused their comments on the dampness visible on the wall in the background.

One follower joked, “Good to know that even the biggest celebrities have damp walls at home. By the way, if you’re earning so much, couldn’t you have used a better quality putty, Hrithik sir? 😂”

Another user pointed out, “Carefully look at the dampness in Hrithik Roshan’s house.” To this, Hrithik responded, “Right now, even the house is on rent. I’m buying my own house soon.”

In a simple response, Hrithik addressed the comments about the dampness in his rented home and hinted at soon owning a house.